If you are looking for a nice guest place to say in the area, we would suggest you check out www.toadmountain.com  They offer riding and other farm activities and only a few miles from our winery and tasting room. We also offer dry camping and tours of our winery with tasting. 

Views from the Hofmann Vineyards located at 9399 High Lonesome Road

Almost every morning here at the winery and tasting room, we wake up to these great views as the sun comes up over the Swissheim Mountains here in Cochise County on High Lonesome Road. Tombstone is to the west and Elfrida and McNeal to the East as we sit here as an what is often refered to as a sky island between a number of mountain ranges. As we end 2016 and the vines are sleeping, we must start our task of getting them ready to 2017 as well as some additional plantings.

The Hofmann Vineyards are now located on a number of different parcels of land between Bisbee, Arizona and Tombstone Heritage Ranch. Our children and grandchildren have helped with much of the planting a preparation each of the 3 years starting in February 2013. The initial buildings were begun in 2012 and initially was a Guest House along with a water pump control building and a solar Battery, PV Charge Controllers and Inverter Buildings. In the summer of 2015 we added a winery processing building and an addition to the Guest House to serve as a Tasting room. The inside finish work for these additions will take place in the fall 2015 to the spring 2016. Our target for the grand opening of the Tasting room will occur in the early fall of 2016. This will consist of a limited number of wines, mostly white as the reds normally require more than 12 months to age properly.

We always welcome folks to come and visit and tour our developing facilities when we are onsite. Call ahead at 520-403-2100 to check our availability. There is no charge for this and if we are doing some of the work in the vineyard at the time, you are welcome to help and learn how were are farming our vineyards.

​Here are a couple of morning views December 28 2016 as seen at the Hofmann Vineyards and Winery.