We are totally off the electric grid, so depend on the sun to not only grow our grapes but also to supply electric power to our guest house, tasting room, winery and irrigation system including wells. 

In the event you would like to mail us, we now have two addresses for mailing. Hofmann Vineyards, Box 100, McNeal, AZ 85617 and Hofmann Vineyards, Box 101, Bisbee, AZ 85603. The physical location for the tasting room and winery is 9399 N High Lonesome Road located approximately half way between the old mining town of Gleason and Bisbee, AZ. Some years ago, the Cochise County Board closed this old historic road that was used to bring the mining ore from Gleason to Bisbee, Arizona. It can no longer be used to  access to this portion of High Lonesome Road  which is located at the 15 mile marker on Davis Road which intersects with Mile Marker 321 on Highway 80 running east to McNeal.

​​​    When you visit for tasting, we are happy to show your our solar set up. We actually have enough solar power on the hottest days of summer to have the sun run the air conditioner to keep both our Guest House and Tasting Room cool as well as the cool room in the Winery building.