Hofmann Vineyard and Winery is located on High Lonesome Road approximately 1.6 miles north of Davis Road between McNeal and Mile Marker 321 on State Route 80 3 miles south of Tombstone. It is the only licensed Winery on North High Lonesome Road sitting next to the historic original High Lonesome Road that carried ore from the Ghost Town of Gleason to Bisbee, Arizona.

Hofmann Vineyards and Winery with places to visit in the area

                Hofmann Vineyards and Winery specialize in German style wines grown on site at approximately 4500 feet in sandy loam virgin soil. The sand is primarily comes from decayed granite which filled this valley that lies between the Whetstone mountains on the west and the Swisshelm and Chiricahua on the east. Also the Dragoon Mountains on the north and the Mules on the south. It is located approximately 20 miles from Tombstone and about 12 miles to the north of Bisbee, Arizona as the crow flies. It is at 9399 North High Lonesome Road which intersects with Davis Road at the 15 mile marker to the north.

            Near to the winery is the McNeal Wildlife Reserve a little over 8 miles to the southeast which is on Coffman Road which intersects with Davis Road at the 21 mile marker. If one continues on to McNeal on Davis Road to Highway 191, you can drive south approximately 7 miles to the entrance to the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge (Leslie Canyon) between the 11 and 12 mile markers. You can continue on to Highway 80 and visit the famous Gadsden Hotel in Douglas and enjoy the past history of this famous place. Leaving Douglas you can return back on Highway 80 to the west toward Bisbee one of the most famous old mining towns of our past. Leaving Bisbee on Highway 80 you would return toward Tombstone passing Davis Road at the 321 mile marker just a few miles south of Tombstone. On the way during rainy seasons, you can enjoy several waterfalls as you drive thru the pass that allows Highway 80 to go north.

            Another route one might take is to go north on Central Highway which intersects Davis Road at the 22 mile marker. One would drive north thru Elfrida where just north of the town you intersect with Gleeson Road. You can take Gleeson Road to this Old Ghost town which was once a very rich copper, silver and gold mine. High Lonesome Road once connected this old mine to Bisbee and a short portion of the old road is still in existence by the Hofmann Vineyards and Winery. This road carried the ore to Bisbee where it was processed, but has been abandoned by Cochise County Government. You can then continue west to Tombstone skirting the Dragoon Mountains to the north where Cochise had his Stronghold. This is a very picturesque drive.

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If you are early you can view one of the wonderful sunrises, or if late one of the sunsets. 

While you are in the area, you can visit the Whitewater Draw Reserve and view the Sand Hill Cranes that winter here only 5 miles away. You and also have your picnic lunch here. Also the famous Gadsden Hotel in Douglas and of course the many sights in Historic Bisbee. There is also as you return north to Interstate 10 a close drive to the Chiricahua National Monument on of the most photographed parks. On the way you will also find Apache Chief, Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains nearly a mile high elevation.